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Engineering Services

Critical Role of Structural Steel Engineering and Design - Bridging the gap from successful design to construction lies in the crucial role of the structural steel engineer to provide structural fabrication drawings that delivers a safe, efficient and successful construction. From 3D models to detailed shop drawings, our experienced engineers produce an accurate set of fabrication drawings that comply with the structural steel design.


Our team of over 30 structural engineers and designers that have extensive experience and expertise in the field of structural design coupled with a strong understanding of today’s latest structural and BIM software applications.

We take advantage today’s technology software to generate highly interactive, comprehensive and high-quality designs of steel structures that enables ease of fabrication and assembly.

Omega’s quality management is very stringent, ensuring the highest level of quality for all our clients. The range of detailing services we offer includes commercial, and industrial structural design.

Whether you are constructing a building, bridge, industrial facility or non-building structure, we have trained engineers and designers with decades of experience to serve you efficiently and effectively.